Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening treatment in Santa Clara

The beauty of your smile depends on the appearance of your teeth. The color of your teeth may well be the defining factor of the beauty of your smile. There are many reasons as to why your teeth might lose their natural white color. To solve this issue, a cosmetic procedure called tooth whitening is recommended by most dental professionals and oral hygienists.

Why do teeth lose their natural white color?

There are many reasons for tooth discoloration. The three main ones are the use of tobacco and related products, drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, tea and red wine etc and not taking good care of your teeth.

Additionally, teeth can also lose their charm with aging.

How is Tooth Whitening performed?

There are two types of tooth whitening procedures followed by dentists depending on the need of the patient. These are vital tooth whitening and non-vital tooth whitening.

In most cases of vital tooth whitening, the dentist will apply a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide directly onto the tooth surface. Before this is done, the dentist will apply a substance that protects your gums and nearby tissues. The whitening agent may sometimes be laser or heat activated, in which case the dentist may shine light onto your teeth to make them whiter.

In cases where the patient has undergone a root canal treatment, vital whitening may not help as the color stain will be coming from inside the tooth. In these cases, non-vital whitening is used. Non-vital whitening involves the placement of the whitening agent inside the tooth followed by covering it with a temporary filling. This setup is left this way for several days and the process may be repeated until the desired color of a tooth is achieved.

Is Tooth Whitening painful and does it involve any risks?

Tooth whitening is a painless procedure. It also does not cause any side effects, in most cases. But some people might feel that their teeth have become extra sensitive for a while. Also, mild gum irritation may be experienced in rare cases.

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