General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry practice in Santa Clara

General dentists constitute the majority of the oral practitioners in the United States and Canada. General dentists do not specialize in one particular sector of oral health and hygiene but instead, they are experts in all the aspects associated with teeth and gums. Moreover, these dentists can provide services for patients of all ages making them ideal for family dentistry.

What kind of treatments can a General Dentist offer?

Most general dentists are experts in more than one field of dental practice. This allows them to offer a wide range of treatments and procedures depending on the patient’s needs. The majority of these treatments deal with oral hygiene and dental health. A general dentist will ensure that you do not any issues such as dental cavities, tooth decay or gum disease.

This practice takes care of treatments that deal with long-term dental health and hygiene. The treatments you can expect a general dentist to offer to include gum disease treatment, home care instructions, mouth guard installation and care, nutrition counseling, oral surgery, root canal therapy, teeth cleanings and whitening, crowns and bridges installation and removal etc.

When should you see a General Dentist?

There are two simple answers to this question. The first one is every six months for any sort of preventive services. The second one is: whenever you feel concerned about your oral health. The point is that if your teeth and gums are healthy, a regular check-up will allow you to keep them that way. And in case you start experiencing pain, bleeding gums or any other similar oral symptoms, you should consult your dentist and get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

But that’s not all. You can also call your dentist in case there is a new cosmetic treatment that you have heard of and find intriguing. Your dentist will run you through the basics of the treatment and help you determine whether or not you need it.

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